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Web 4.0

How Microsoft will use Web Assembly to revolutionize web development

The world wide web 1.0 was the first revolution. Then came this Indie browser called Netscape, with its embedded JavaScript. That was the beginning of Web 2.0. As it progressed, sites added more and more bells and whistles.

Web 3.0 was the Emergence of the web Titans. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Twitter. You will be assimilated :(

Web 4.0 is going to be driven by the convergence of server and client programming models into a single Server-side programming Model.

For the first time, Javascript code will no longer be necessary for browser-based, event-driven programming. It turns out that W3C and all major browsers support Web Assembly specification. Microsoft is building a downloadable .net runtime on top of the Web Assembly API. Presto! Who needs you JavaScript spaghetti monster.

And there's more... It runs on the Client or Server. That's right, Client side event support ON THE SERVER.

"So what", you say? Let me explain...

Web development is a carefully orchestrated dance. Model are carefully bound to HTML through layers of frameworks. But Web 4.0 runs on Microsoft Razor Component model. Components contain both HTML and strongly typed Code in a single file. And just like Quantum physics, the code runs on the client, but the event handlers run on a mysterious copy on the server.

It's a unification of programming models that bring a compelling, and much needed break from the JavaScript Monopoly. And it's fundamentally a stronger design. Revolutionary

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